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Are you having a tough time finding the most suitable person for the position?

Are you uncertain whether the role could turn into a full-time job?

We provide a range of monthly framework agreements which provide solutions to such questions for you as well without all the risk.



Some of our framework agreements are as follows:

Would you like to have part-time assistance in certain areas of your business?

With our assistance, you will be able to focus your time on other important business development tasks, letting us take care of the work required for your graphics, web development, troubleshooting, marketing advice and online marketing… and much more.

With our Operations Contract, we will provide experienced staff for the set amount of contracted hours. We are able to respond quickly and efficiently to your requests and orders and you will also be provided with constant status updates about your project as well.

Of course, you also have the possibility to use our services within any given month over and above the allocated hours of your contract, thus our invoice will be adjusted accordingly at the end of the month according as per the hourly fee of your package.

Time is billed on half-hourly and hourly intervals only!

You will be able to see the amount of time we have spent on your assignment as well as time-tracking which is logged after every task is worked on, therefore you can also monitor the unused allocated hours.

Significant wage demand services, website/webshop and software, application development are weighted with 1.5 times commitment. For example, a 5 hour job in a similar field is counted as 7.5 hours work. We do not weigh other services.

USP (Unique selling points)

  • Unlimited and integrated cloud service
  • Easy to learn and to adopt
  • Clarity of deadlines follow-ups
  • Work processes and progress to deadlines can be monitored
  • We offer a dedicated account manager
  • Priorities can be easily outlined and revisited
  • Work can be planned and allocated to specific periods (days/weeks/months)
  • This real time software is also available as a fully-functioning smart phone app
  • Automatically sends emails and push notifications regarding completed work
  • All previous and existing workflows can be viewed from the one interface
  • You can allocate any amount of working time from a minimum of 10 hours which is guaranteed shortly after you initiate your request.



You can reduce your wasted time and money and you don’t have to use more generally skilled workers for every part of your project. With such tools at our disposal we can deliver a highly integrated project using our experienced specialists to deliver solutions that are on the cutting edge!


You can choose any of our following services:


  • Corporate stationary design
  • Packaging design
  • Publication design
  • Annual report design
  • Brochure design
  • Catalogue design
  • Signage design


  • Real time technologies (WS – websocket)
  • Mailing – SendGrid
  • Custom website development
  • Website renovations
  • Website updates
  • Website maintenance
  • WordPress websites

Web and software development

  • Frontend
  • Angular
  • React
  • Symfony
  • Backend
  • PHP: Laravel / Lumen
  • Java – Kotlin: Spring
  • NodeJS
  • Database
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • CosmosDB
  • MariaDB
  • Redis0
  • H2
  • SQLite


  • Interface design
  • User experience design
  • Mobile websites
  • Responsive websites
  • SEO strategy
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Analytics
  • Databases
  • e-Commerce


  • Business card printing
  • Corporate stationery printing
  • Catalogue printing
  • Brochure printing
  • Print management
  • Business signage


  • Business card design
  • Corporate stationery design
  • Letterhead design
  • With compliments slip design
  • Envelope design

Mobile application

  • Cross platform solutions:
    Flatter – DartJS
  • Andorid native: Java – Kotlin

Our Strengths


Our flexible, accustomed team designs unique graphics that raises awareness.

Professional background

Due to our years of experience, we can easily find a solution to any informatics problem.

We meet deadlines

We will always meet your deadlines with no delay.


In case of demand and urgency, we will undertake projects with short deadlines.

Everything in one location

We undertake operational jobs as well, therefore we can immediately satisfy your needs in development, management, optimization.

Materials delivered according to your requirements

In terms of the many types of requests that can come to us, we provide a high-quality and customizable service. We are also very quick to deliver so you won’t have to worry about potential time, money and opportunities being wasted.

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