Graphic design

You dream it, we create it… We will create images, prints, or web graphics professionally and efficiently.


Our graphic designs are limitless, so do not worry if you’re out of ideas!


We will find the most suitable designs to enhance the appeal of your products and services!

Only your imagination sets the limit but it doesn’t matter if you have no ideas, we are here to help!

We assure high quality results with our work !


Well-designed brand images are essential elements in creating a strong and recognisable brand. Such brand images can predict how customers judge your brand and also what they associate your brand with.
A unique and recognisable image will make it easier for customers to recall your business when faced with purchasing decisions. We promise that your brand images will encapsulate what your business is all about, without compromise.

Qmm-inc deals with full branding; such as logos, name cards, documents, envelopes, email signatures, websites, Facebook profiles, media appearances, branding manuals, company catalogues, flyers, brochures, and more!

If you would like us to create your brand images or refresh existing ones, get in touch with us!

Let us show you a few examples what your business may require from the creation of your brand :

Logo design

Banner plans

Name cards

Facebook, Instagram site image

Paper and envelope

Molino and roll-up

E-mail templates

Design of adhesive tape with logo

Flyer/ poster plan

Design of marketing materials with logo

Logo design

Banner plans

Name cards

Facebook, Instagram oldal arculat

Paper and envelope

Molino and roll-up

Flyer/ poster plan

E-mail templates

Design of adhesive tape with logo

Design of marketing materials with logo

What processes can you
expect if you choose us?


Before we begin, we discuss the needs of our client. We will create an outline of the project based on those needs and send a free quote.


Once the offer is accepted, we will request all the necessary graphic materials and information. We then commence the design of the graphics.


Communicating via email, we will modify the graphics based on our client’s requests to reach the final version of the design.


The final approved graphic materials will be sent to our clients.


The second step in the process, after the completion of your branding, is the design of graphics for your company. With the help of graphic elements, you can more effectively advertise your company, products and services to your audience. It is crucial that your brand message comes across to your target group in your catalogues and brochures and that these are interesting and match with the image of your brand

Well designed flyers and/or posters can help in the success of your business. When designing the graphics for these, we need to take into consideration that is should be unique, creative, beautiful AND:

  • Clear
  • Grammatically correct
  • Readable
  • Matches the image elements
  • High quality printing and implementation
    Move the phone. 🙂

    It is essential that these graphic materials match your branding and show a complex image of your company towards your buyers. We, the QMM group, design your graphics, show you the design plan and can prepare it for printing.

    If you wish to broaden the tools you have for visual communication, get in touch with us!




    Web graphics


    Other flyers


    Car sticker graphics

    Our Strengths


    Our flexible, accustomed team designs unique graphics that raises awareness.

    Professional background

    Due to our years of experience, we can easily find a solution to any informatics problem.

    We meet deadlines

    We will always meet your deadlines with no delay.


    In case of demand and urgency, we will undertake projects with short deadlines.

    Everything in one location

    We undertake operational jobs as well, therefore we can immediately satisfy your needs in development, management, optimization.

    Materials delivered according to your requirements

    In terms of the many types of requests that can come to us, we provide a high-quality and customizable service. We are also very quick to deliver so you won’t have to worry about potential time, money and opportunities being wasted.

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