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We can add a creative dimension to your business.

If you can imagine it we can do it.
We can add a creative dimension to your business.
Begin your journey with us to optimize the appeal of your products and services to your valued customers.

Intelligently Designed Websites

That drive traffic, Leads, and Sales.
We help hard-working business owners generate more sales from their website with intelligent design, smart Digital Marketing strategies, dependable support

We not only offer all these great services: we also understand the importance of your business and the value it holds for you and your customers. We provide service excellence with our team of highly qualified professionals, making your business goals and dreams come true.

We love what we do, and we are happy to offer very competitive rates that will allow bridges to be easily built and allow for a lasting bond.

Before we implement the project you are happy with, we prepare a design plan. This includes formulating solutions and communicating so that your expectations and requirements can be met or exceeded. More often than not our clients entrust us to undertake the whole branding of their companies due to our strong track record and high customer service levels.

We offer an extensive suite of solutions for your business including domain address registrations, providing hosting services, website development and design (UI/UX), Mobile application development, Search engine Optimization, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing campaigns, Graphic Design, Branding and also online and printed materials.

In one word: EVERYTHING!


Operating services

Branding and Graphics


Digital Marketing

Mobile application

We provide a real-time platform for collaborating on projects to all of our partners!

Advantages of this system:

  • Unlimited and integrated cloud service
  • Easy to learn and to adopt
  • Clarity of deadlines follow-ups
  • Work processes and progress to deadlines can be monitored
  • We offer a dedicated account manager
  • Priorities can be easily outlined and revisited
  • Work can be planned and allocated to specific periods (days/weeks/months)
  • This real time software is also available as a fully-functioning smart phone app
  • Automatically sends emails and push notifications regarding completed work
  • All previous and existing workflows can be viewed from the one interface
  • You can allocate any amount of working time from a minimum of 10 hours which is guaranteed shortly after you initiate your request.

    You can reduce your wasted time and money and you don’t have to use more generally skilled workers for every part of your project. With such tools at our disposal we can deliver a highly integrated project using our experienced specialists to deliver solutions that are on the cutting edge!

    Dane Dawson

    “I had a warm welcome in their office, they were very well prepared in advance about my needs.A really professional team!”


    Tatiana Riveros Agudelo

    “They designed the webshop for my business and it has become so popular now,that it makes a higher turnover than my own company.”

    Gold Coast

    Jennifer RV

    “I am so grateful for the guys.With their unique graphics ,they rapidly built up the website for my company.”

    Gold Coast


    Peter H.

    CEO Australia

    Peter’s main tasks include international project management and customer management.

    He is the leader of our foreign department and our labour hire expert.
    He has completed studies in Advanced level of Business and Leadership Managment.

    Julius N.

    Finance and Business Management

    Gyula has completed studies in Finance and Business Management.

    His main tasks include the execution and management of major strategic decisions.

    He is also the Head of our Hungarian office and the leader of the company’s Finance Department.

    Steve P.


    With over 10 years’ experience, he creates graphic and brand images with high level quality, as well as the UI/UX design of websites. He also supervises his colleagues’ work to ensure our clients receive the best outcome.

    Renata T.

    Marketing manager

    Renáta has a degree in Marketing.

    Renata’s role sees her working on our marketing strategies and managing all work processes.

    Her work supports graphic designers and online marketing.

    Peter Sz.

    Chief Information Officer

    Peter is our Network and Cloud-based Specialist and our leader of system administration.

    Responsible for the creation of operation levels including operation safety, he also researches modern and cost- effective technology and tools and applies them to systems. He also supervises partner communication networks.

    Daniel Sz.

    Lead developer / developer coordinator

    Daniel oversees development from the intial planning stages, through to implementation and delivery.
    He is able to bridge the gap between the client and the development team by using both his communication skills and the experience he has gained in Information Technology.

    Hajnalka K.

    Project Manager

    She coordinates and manages tasks and helps in the communication between the various areas of IT projects, making sure that the projects are ready to deliver on time.

    Roland R.

    Support assistant

    Roland is an Economistl. He is responsible for the business development of the company and for the coordination of projects.

    Vincent F.

    Director of Web Development

    Bence is our Business Intelligence Specialist and our backend development leader.

    He is also an architecture consultant and UI and UX supporter.

    He is constantly aspiring to provide the best solutions for the long term and is an expert at finding and fixing problems proactively to prevent any delays.

    Akos G.

    Head of Mobile Development

    Akos is responsible for producing innovative and fresh mobile user experiences. With clean design principles always at the forefront of his creations, he is constantly on the lookout for new experiences and developments.

    Adrienn L.

    Senior Designer

    Based on her many years’ of expertise and creativity, Adrienn is an expert in dealing with printing and web graphics projects.

    Andreas F.

    System administrator apprentice

    Andras is a creative and curious system administrator and his work is receiving level one support signals, as well as outdoor task completions. He is responsible for the proper implementation and operation of the Windows client server environments.

    Alexandra N.


    Due to her expertise in communications during her graphics career, Szandra has the unique ability to always understand the needs of our clients and produces amazing, original work tailored for them.

    Evelin K.

    Support assistant

    Evelin is a Personal Assistant. She is responsible for the business development and administration of the company and for the coordination of projects and she maintains client relationships and communication throughout their projects.

    Zsolt P.

    Online marketing manager

    Zsolt is the leader of our Digital Marketing team. Expert of Seo,PPC and Social Media campaigns. He has had many years of experience in scaling up brands, products, businesses to world wide level.

    Louis P.

    Backend Developer

    As our PHP Backend Developer for the last year and a half, Lajos is responsible for the maintenance of the company’s existing products and participates in the design and implementation of new projects.

    Roland G.

    Project and business development manager

    Roland is an Economist and has participated in more than forty international research, development, innovation and consulting projects. He can support clients in preparing feasibility studies, marketing plans, business plans, assist in setting up business cases including project management and bid consulting.

    Leslie D.

    Operational analyst

    Laszlo is an Engineer and an expert of operational procedures. As a result of having an extensive background in airport operations, he can support clients in understanding their operational needs, identify any gaps in their systems and provide solutions for efficient improvements.

    Reza M.

    Business analyst

    Reza is an Engineer and a Data Analyst. He has participated in several industrial development and networking projects. He can support clients by analysing and comparing data, performing validations, professional reporting and contributing to project management and business development.

    Akram S.

    IT expert

    Akram is a Programmer. He can provide support by performing requirement analysis, specifications and the development and testing of new applications. He is also able to perform IT related analysis and can produce reports in relation to that analysis.

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